Priyanka Chopra smokes extra cigarettes in case she doesn’t feel asthmatic due to Diwali smoke

For the uninitiated, Priyanka had released a video last year, urging people to not burst crackers on Diwali. The actress, who is asthmatic, said in the clip, “Please meri saans ko berok rakhiye. Diwali pe patakho ko skip kijiye.” She added that the festival should be about “lights and laddoos and love, and not pollution”.

But she was seen smoking cigratte with husband Nick on her birthday in Miami. Twitter celebs caught her hypocrisy but Priyanka is yet to accept it. In fact, with Diwali so near, she has not felt any unease in breathing and so had to resort to extra smoking to be ready for her new video. She will be putting out video on every Diwali and doesn’t want to miss out on the fans appreciating her initiative.

She has been taking tips from Shahrukh to increase her smoking and become a chain smoker till the Diwali day. Fauxy is keeping tabs on her new video and we will let you know as and when the video gets released.

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