PM Modi saved India from earthquake by shifting tectonic plates to Turkey and Syria overnight

The earthquakes that ripped across southern Turkey and northern Syria in the small hours of February 6th were among the most devastating of this century. This horrifying impact stems largely from shoddy construction practices and from the timing of the quake, which occurred while people were sleeping.


This earthquake could have hit India if PM Modi hadn’t taken right steps at the right time. Due to its location near the intersection of two significant tectonic plates, India could have been hit by the earthquake of very high magnitude if PM Modi hadn’t saved India by shifting the tectonic plates to other country overnight.


Reportedly, the opposition has alleged that Modi is behind the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. Intel input suggests that AI based chat app, ChatGPT had predicted earthquake in India after which PM Modi ordered shifting of tectonic plates to some other place overnight. PM Modi used his experience from of one of the deadliest earthquakes that hit Bhuj part of Gujarat when he was CM.


Soon after it was revealed that PM Modi saved India by shifting the tectonic plates to Turkey, the parliament resounded with the “Modi Modi” chant.


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