Patients With Alpha, Delta & Lambda Variants Fight At A Covid Care Centre To Decide Which Variant Is The Deadliest Variant


A massive fight erupt among the Covid patients in a a Covid care centre in Delhi after Covid patient started debating which of the Covid variant is the deadliest. Reportedly, the three patient who got admitted in last three days are detected different strain of the Covid.

The debate got heated up as none of the patients was in a mood to surrender and wanted to establish the supremacy of their variant.

The three patient started fighting after doctor completed his daily round of visit. Nurse called the police who intervened and tried to stop the fight. However, it was too late and the patient with Delta variant succumbed. Delta variant patient was declared winner by the remaining two patient.

Alpha and Lambda variant patients said “Delta variant patient has died which means that Delta was the deadliest variant. Now it’s time to decide to which one is deadlier between Alpha and Lambda” and they stared fighting.

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