Pakistan Mistakenly Exposes Itself, Claims Insurance Money On F16 From The US

Pakistan Mistakenly Exposes Itself, Claims Insurance Money On F16 From The US

On Wednesday, India and Pakistan’s air forces engaged in an airborne war. The most talked about incident during this engagement was a 2nd generation MiG-21 Bison – The Indian Air Force Fighter Jet, taking down a 4th generation Pakistani F-16 Fighting Falcon in the faceoff. It not only led to a major embarrassment for Pakistan but also for the US who manufactured the F16.

Soon after the incident, US reprimanded Pakistan’s PM for using F16 jets for unprovoked aggression against India when it was supposed to be used only for Pakistan’s self-defence. Pakistan initially denied that it was an F16 jet but couldn’t remain in denial mode for long after Indian Armed Forces conducted a press conference to provide evidence against Pakistan.

Pakistan further exposed itself completely in its greed for money when it went on to claim an insurance payment from the US for the crashed F16, claiming it to be a manufacturing default. Sources say that Pakistan has demanded a full refund since the Plane was under warranty period.

According to Pakistan, it deserves to be reimbursed for the Rs. 130 crore fighter jet in cash. Our deeply embedded sources in the JeM have revealed that Pakistan is not interested in a replacement from the US since they have apprehensions about facing the Indian Air Force again.

Currently, it’s not clear how Pakistan is planning to put the settlement amount of Rs. 130 crore to use, but financial experts suggest that these funds might be used by Pakistan to revive its falling economy in the backdrop of India’s trade sanctions. More on this awaited.

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