Pakistan Confesses Multiple Surgical Strikes On It During UPA’s Rule

Pakistan Confesses Multiple Surgical Strikes On It During UPA's Rule

In a shocking revelation, a retired Pakistan Army official on Sunday confessed multiple surgical strikes on Pakistan that were carried out by India during UPA’s rule. This news is likely to impact the chances for BJP in the upcoming 2019 General elections.

The closeness of Congress with Pakistan is no more a news and their collusion to remove BJP from the government is reaching such extents that no one could ever imagine. This could be one of the reasons behind Pakistan accepting the occurrence of surgical strikes even when no such operations were carried out by India when the UPA government was in power.

Further, the Indian Army has clarified that no surgical strike took place during the UPA government and in fact, when the Indian Army was asked to carry out the same after the 26/11 terrorist attack, the then PM, Mr. Manmohan Singh refused to do so.

Recently, Navjot Singh Siddhu, who used to refer to Manmohan Singh as a “Sardar who’s not asardar,” was seen meeting Pakistan Army officers and various other leaders where he praised not only Manmohan Singh but also Sonia Gandhi. Siddhu also insulted the Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder for his pro-India stand by calling a reckless Congress leader as party’s ‘Captain’ instead.

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