Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as ‘Fanatics’

Oxford has recently released their annual list of new word additions and updated meaning of existing words. One of the most noticeable words whose meaning has been updated is “Liberals”. The newly updated synonym of liberals will now read as “Fanatics”. The decision came after widespread observation on liberals all across the globe who are either directly involved in crimes or are found defending the most brutal kind of crimes.

“The existing meaning of liberals has been completely destroyed and it no longer means ‘respecting and allowing different types of beliefs or behavior’! Also, I am afraid that liberals may go berserk after reading this update,” said one of the jury members who agreed to revise the meaning of liberals. Soon after the press meet, a group of students from JNU were seen tearing and burning copies of the Oxford Dictionary in front of Jantar Mantar and shouting slogans “Humien Dictionary se Aazadi Chahiye!”

Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as 'Fanatics'
JNU Students Demanding Freedom From Oxford Dictionary. Pic Source: FNI
Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as 'Fanatics'
Delhi CM Burning The New Edition Of Oxford Dictionary. Pic Source: FNI

The news is likely to impact Indians immensely since recent times have witnessed a lot of youngsters in India turning into liberals and abusing the ancient Indian culture has become a usual thing nowadays. Recently, The Yogi and Mystique, Sadhguru Ji described liberals as fanatics after which he was severely abused on social media.

Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as 'Fanatics'
Bollywood Superstar Swara Bhasker Protesting Against Oxford Dictonary. Pic Source: Swara’s Tweet

Notorious social media accounts like that of Swara Bhaskar started a hashtag (#ButLiberalsAreFanatics) to counter, Sadhguru’s claim. With this hashtag, many so-called liberals started posting crime-related news items that were committed by people who display extremism, but while doing so liberals quite ironically exposed their own extremist behavior.
The new question which in fact is an answer in itself is: “Liberals have gone extreme with their stand?”

Liberals in India are seen taking a stand only against one community and silent or defending the wrongdoings of another ‘special’ community. The Kathua Rape case, an unfortunate incident, is one such example where liberals went to such extreme extents while defaming one religion that they forgot what they’re actually fighting for. Some (read Shehla) even turned the entire rape case into a money minting business.

Whatever be it, Oxford’s decision is getting praised over by people all across the globe who are now long tired of the hypocrisy of liberals. More words like ‘secularism’, ‘feminism’, ‘intellectual’ and ‘freedom of expression’ are also expected to be updated soon.

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Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as 'Fanatics'

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Oxford Updates the Synonym of Liberals as 'Fanatics'

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