Outsiders Ayushmann Khurrana And Rajkumar Rao Come Together In Sushant’s Case To Say Nothing

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has left many questions unanswered. His girlfriend Rhea and the whole Nepotism gang of the Bollywood seem to hide something from us. But at a time when Sushant needed support from the outsiders, not many came forward to give their support. But Ayushmann and Rajkumar are the ones who have taken the initiative to come together. They called the fauxy team to inform that they are together in this fight. Though they did not give any statement and told us to not report anything in the media or else they will lose out on movies from Dharma and Yashraj. But the good thing is that they are together. In fact Ayushmann and Rajkumar also had lunch together to show support to Sushant.

They will also try to do a movie together if possible to show that outsiders are with Sushant. Just when our reporter asked them about the last movie of Sushant they watched or supported, they hung up the phone.

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