Muslim Women Form A 620km Long Queue To Pass Bricks For Constructing Ram Mandir

Muslim Women Form A 620km Long Queue To Pass Bricks For Constructing Ram Mandir

Kerala: Lakhs of Muslim women from different parts of the country are forming a 620 km wall to ensure Ram Mandir construction amid the ongoing debate whether Supreme Court considers the issue, which is a matter of the faith of millions, a priority. Allegedly, the 620 km long chain is sponsored by UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

muslim women form a 620km long queue to pass bricks for constructing ram mandir

According to multiple reports, the volunteers gathered outside CM house at about 10 AM demanding the construction of Ram Mandir before the 2019 general elections. After a brief interaction with CM Yogi, the decision was taken to form a chain of a length around 620 km so as to pass the bricks manually. Participants took a pledge to not move from their place until the Ram Mandir gets constructed.

Madarsas in some of the districts of UP have declared a holiday to ensure students are able to participate in such a good cause that displays secularism. One of the Muslim women, whom we couldn’t identify due to her burqa, and who was a part of the long chain, spoke to us. She said “If you read history you’ll get to know that there was indeed Ram Mandir and Islamic invasion destructed it only to construct Babri Masjid there. Hence, we are forming this long chain as a protest against SC who is deliberately delaying the justice for our Hindu brothers and sisters.”


  1. SRI RAM KA BOARD leke jo hindu aurat buraka dalenge to 1lac hindu aurat ayegi, If any muslim women takes the sign board with slogan of sri ram then she is not a muslim that moment she is a kafir. Any I know that images were copied from kerala shabarimala incident, where muslim women are supporting hindu women to take part and equal right for hindu women in pilgrimage.

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