Muslim Couple Divorced After Husband Reads A Triple Talaq News Out Loud

Triple talaq ordinance news

Uttar Pradesh: In a bizarre incident a Muslim man mistakenly gave his wife a triple talaq on the same day India passed an ordinance banning the atrocious practice. In a historic move today, the Union Cabinet approved an ordinance, making triple talaq a punishable offence. However, ironically enough, the headline of a newspaper itself became a reason for the triple talaq of a couple from Lucknow.

triple talaq

A newspaper headline which read out as: “Cabinet Approves Ordinance Against Irrevocable Talaq; Talaq, Talaq-e-biddah Now A Crime,” seemed to have caused the confusion. Qasim (42), while reading aloud the news headline to his wife Aamna (21), unwittingly repeated the word ‘Talaq’ thrice, thus essentially divorcing her as per Islamic laws. Qasim almost immediately realised the blunder he made but it was already too late.

A police complaint has been filed against the news media house, which knowingly or unknowingly put the word “talaq” thrice in sequence without having any other words in between. Soon after the police complaint was filed, certain journalists came out in support of the media house, blaming the cops for curbing their freedom of expression.

Aamna, the wife, has levelled allegations against Qasim, pointing out that he had deliberately read out the news aloud and had a hidden agenda of getting a divorce. The police have stated that their hands are tied and they cannot do anything about it at present since the ordinance shall take some time to become a practical law and till that time, triple talaq shall remain to be applicable. this incident has gathered widespread political attention since elections are around and triple talaq bill could be one the decisive factors.

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