Mumbai: Medical Malpractice Case – Vadapav Left Inside Man’s Stomach During Surgery

Vadapav - Sonogrphy - Medical Malpractice

In a shocking yet true incident, a resident of Mumbai had a half-eaten vadapav removed from his abdomen after it was mistakenly left behind by a doctor during surgery.

The patient complained of a constant lingering smell as well as vadapav’s taste emanating from his body and after a doctor’s suggestion, underwent a sonography. The sonography report revealed that there’s a half-eaten vada pav inside his abdomen.

“It is quite usual for doctors to leave foreign objects inside a patient’s body, but this is the first time that a desi/Indian object was reported to be left behind and maybe that is why we are getting so much attention from the media,” revealed an anonymous hospital staff.

Victim Pradeep Chavan had a three-hour long surgical procedure to remove the vada pav, which was then eaten by the same surgeon, who had left it inside. The hospital’s management is taking the case very seriously and in order to avoid such incidents in the future, they are considering to put a ban on vadapav – at least inside the operation theatre. Simultaneously, to reduce the craze and craving for vada pav among doctors, the hospital’s management has decided to introduce alternate breakfast options in the hospital’s cafeteria.

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