Modiji To Send A Team Led By Scindia To Bring Back Urvashi Rautela From Australia

Oct 9, 2022
Fauxy’s secret sources working as ball boys in Australia have confirmed that Rishabh Pant is practising fast bowling along with modelling all the time to replace Jasprit Bumrah in upcoming T20 World Cup but they have also spotted Urvashi Rautela in Australia and that’s now concerning Indian cricket fans.

Last time Urvashi was seen in 500 meters radius of Indian cricket team, Rishabh Pant fell on crease even while playing a dead ball and once to much surprise of fans and Rishabh himself ball he threw accidently hit the stumps. Cadbury has already contacted both Pant and Urvashi to recreate either version of their TV commercial on match day. Virat Kohli has already received advance payment to blame fans for whole incidence and not Cadbury.

Our ball boys are working tirelessly by shooting reels for cricketers. They are learning a lot of new things like transitions, filters etc from Indian Cricket Team. They will keep us updated with latest news and updates as long as their parents allow them to stay away from home with the team.

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