#MeToo: Actor Uday Chopra Steps Down From Sofa After No Allegations Surfaced Against Him

After spending hours vegging out on his sofa daily, “actor” Uday Chopra finally stepped down from his couch on Saturday after no allegations under the #MeToo Movement were directed against him. It is revealed that Uday took this serious step only to promote the idea of voluntarily accepting that men are always wrong and that all men are trash.

In a recent viral post, a blogger drew attention to the fact that every woman has been harassed at least once in her life, however, not a single man has ever accepted harassing any woman, which frankly does not add up. Taking note of this many feminists and math enthusiasts were later seen vouching for the fact that all men are indeed trash.

Following this, the #AllMenAreTrash became a mightier mass movement than #MeToo and saw many famous personalities stepping down from their position. Accomplished “actor” Uday Chopra, who currently holds only one position i.e. on his sofa, has decided to step down from it. Uday Chopra has not only set a precedent for men all across the globe but has also managed to move several others who usually lie on their sofa or bed all day long.

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