Marwadi Engineer Takes Vernier Caliper To Subway For Checking Whether He Gets Six-inch Sub

Subway has this daily offer of a Sub Of the Day (At least in India), which is basically a different Sub sandwich each day, at a discounted price,  at approximately 125 INR. The measurement as per the company menu card is 6 inches long. Most people believe it and are not concerned about their order much.

Much that is not the case with Jagdish Sharma, a Marwadi engineer studying in Mumbai. Jagdish is very precise about what he gets against the money he pays. Yesterday Jagdish went to the Subway to have a meal and he ordered a 6 inches Sub of the day. Though he was satisfied with the quality of the meal, the question of whether the sub is actually 6 inches long or not kept haunting him. And he found a solution for it. He went into the store with a Vernier Caliper today.

The waiter or the counter guy refused him to use the instrument as that was time-consuming. But Jagdish created a scene by arguing continuously and finally got his wish of measuring the length. To his surprise, Jagdish found that the Sub was 6.1 inches in length.

But he had to save his ego too, and hence he sued the company for giving a 6.1-inch sub under the promise of 6-inch sub and he asked the counter guy to cut the 0.1 inch part from his sub. That was a bit strange given that Jagdish is not known for giving out any inch of his valued product.

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