Manmohan Singh To Take A Dip At Kumbh Wearing A Raincoat

Manmohan Singh To Take A Dip At Kumbh Wearing A Raincoat

The Kumbh Mela, which is the biggest Hindu pilgrimage of faith, is being held at Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Millions of people have travelled to take a holy dip at the Kumbh, which as per Hindu beliefs is a custom that washes away one’s sins.

Among the list of believers, a peculiar name seemed to have emerged. Our sources placed at INC Headquarters revealed that the Congress Party is planning to send former Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh to Kumbh 2019. Another peculiar news that is emerging from 10 Janpath is that Manmohan Singh shall be sporting a raincoat during his visit. The reason for sporting a raincoat is unclear right now.

If speculations are to be believed, Manmohan Singh might be doing so as to maintain a neutral stance. By wearing a raincoat while taking the dip, Manmohan Singh will send out a strong message to his Muslim vote bank, while appeasing the Hindu voters at the same time. Another reason for wearing a raincoat might have to do with protecting against the cold temperature.

While speculations and projections are going on, the fashion police have given a big thumbs up to Manmohan Singh’s choice of attire. More on this awaited.

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