Man puts FASTag in Soan Papdi Box to see how it travels on Diwali

Diwali is one of the most widely commemorated and awaited festivals in India that ushers in a big celebratory atmosphere. Not only the festival of lights brings family and friends together but sparks a wave of exchanging gifts. Most of the gifts contain sweets and dry fruits, and the celebrations are not complete without one of the most popular sweet – the soan papdi.
However, people are now fed up with Soan Papdi and using innovative ways to register their protest against it. A man from Bengaluru put a FASTag in Soan Papdi Box he gifted to his neighbours and relatives to see whether they consume it or forward it like a Whatsapp message.
The Bengaluru man spoke to The Fauxy, “I am using FASTag to track how the sweet travels in Diwali and if everyone just forward it without even opening it then what’s the purpose of even making it. I will file a petition to ban Soan Papdi“.
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