Man Asked To Produce Pan Card For Buying A Spoon On Dhanteras

Man Asked To Produce Pan Card For Buying A Spoon On Dhanteras

Dhanteras, an auspicious Hindu day that marks the beginning of the festival of Diwali is being celebrated all across India today. Dhanteras is celebrated as a festival of health, wealth and prosperity, however, from the past two years, it has been quite a tough job to indulge in festivities, mainly owing to the demonetisation move by the Modi Government in 2016.

In order to curb black money, the central government had demonetised currency notes denominated in Rs. 500 and 1000 during November 2016, following which the government mandated a pan card for purchasing gold and silver. What was intended to control illegitimate transactions has now turned out to be a nuisance for rich tax-evaders which has resultingly reduced Gold & Silver transactions massively.

On Dhanteras, believing Hindus buy gold, silver, electronics or utensils as it is considered to be a good omen that shall improve their financial conditions in the upcoming year. One such believer, Mr. Manish Kumar, is said to have visited a nearby shop to purchase a spoon since he could not afford to buy expensive items of gold or silver, unlike loaded tax-evaders. Manish was shocked to learn that the shop had a policy of demanding an individual’s Pan Card even for buying utensils.

Manish tried his best to convince the shopkeeper, citing that his purchase was of a fairly low price and thus would not require a Pan Card, but in vain. The shop refused to transact with Manish and in the end, he could not buy anything this Dhanteras.

Blaming the Modi Government for its arbitrary policies, Manish said “Sab ke sab Modi ke chamche hai aur main ek chamcha bhi nahi khareed paaya inn chamcho ke kaaran. Modi should resign!”

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