Mamata Banerjee Cites West Bengal’s Example; Demands Public Display Of 300 Terrorists Killed In Indian Air Strikes

Mamata Banerjee Cites West Bengal's Example; Demands Public Display Of 300 Terrorists Killed In Indian Air Strikes

In response to the Pulwama terror attacks, the Indian Air Force conducted airstrikes on Pakistan’s soil to destroy the terrorist camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad. While it was a momentous achievement for the IAF & Indians alike, some usual suspects could not digest India’s victory over terrorism and started questioning our forces on the strikes.

Pakistan denied the occurrence of any air strike, and Indian politicians happily joined the naysayer’s bandwagon. This time the first one to raise questions over IAF’s glorious feat was West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Mamata Banerjee who called the IAF as ‘India’s Amazing Fighters’ right after the air strikes, soon started to find them, well, not so amazing. Aping her counterpart Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee went on to demand proof from the Modi led Central Government.

“If Modi conducted airstrikes on Pakistan, where are the 300 dead bodies? Even the Pulwama suicide bomber made a video and the Ex-IAS Officer who allegedly committed suicide because of me wrote a suicide note too. See that is some credible evidence! In West Bengal, we publically parade the BJP supporters whose killings are allegedly conducted by the State Government. If you have done it, flaunt it no baba!” demanded Mamata Banerjee.

Many people who are dismissing Mamata Banerjee’s appeal to parade the dead bodies of terrorists do not realise the hidden significance behind it.

“Fear mongering!’ exclaimed Derek O’ Brien.

“Fear mongering is the tactics employed by Mamata Didi and its panning out pretty well for West Bengal. When people see the body of enemies hanging on trees and water tanks, they would not dare to mess with us – I mean the country!” he added.

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