Kerala Flood: Man refuses to accept a Saffron life jacket, dies as a result

The flood situation in Kerala has worsened with time and people from different states are coming together to help the victims. While rescue operations are going on in full swing, the calamity has now not only taken a political turn but has also culminated into a religious issue.

In a shocking yet unfortunate incident, a man has drowned and died after he allegedly refused to wear a life jacket offered to him by the rescue team. It was revealed that the only reason that the man did not accept the life jacket was because it was saffron in color. A color which is often associated with rising Hindutva in India.

Soon after the incident, Kerala’s CM Comrade Pinarayi immediately ordered life jacket manufacturer’s across the country to produce green colored life jackets instead. Following his orders, manufacturers in all states displayed immediate diligence and are currently busy painting the existing inventory of saffron-colored life jackets into green.

To display solidarity with the man’s bravado to ‘die-for-his-ideology’, many ‘extra-woke’ people were seen snatching and spilling Saffron-hued Dettol & Savlon Antiseptic solutions on the streets. Ironically enough, many water submerged areas have now become Saffron-tinted.
A truckload of saffron-colored relief materials is now returning to donor states, unused and untouched after it was not allowed to cross the Kerala state’s checkpoint.

The incident has managed to shake the nation and activists are voicing their opinions one by one. One of the activists, Arundhati Roy was quoted saying:
“I am deeply saddened by this news and it’s very disappointing to observe that we are living in the 21st century and yet we have life jackets only in color. Why is the RSS-backed BJP so intolerant of other colors? I urge the government to take immediate steps before more liberals die”.

The government hasn’t made any statement as it is busy trying to rescue as many people as they can, but the incident has exposed the sick mentality and extremism among the liberals. The famous mystique and Yogi Sadhguru rightly said: “Liberals are fanatics.”

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