#MeToo movement: Katrina Accuses Directors Of Forcing Her To Act

#MeToo movement: Katrina Accuses Directors Of Forcing Her To Act

India’s MeToo movement is gaining momentum with time and now even the most established personalities from different walks of life are coming forward with their horror stories. A-list actress Katrina too has come out with her MeToo story, something that has shaken Bollywood to the core.

Katrina in her story has accused several directors and co-actors of forcing her to act and bring out expressions during the shoots. Katrina clarified that she’s been continuously harassed by retaking multiple shots of her scenes. Although she clarified that her harassment was not of a sexual nature, it is still worth discussing.

As of now, Katrina has refused to name any director or producer but the moment her story broke out through media, many directors were seen writing something. Speculation is that they could be either writing scripts or penning apology letters or both. Either way, it would make no sense whatsoever.

The #MeToo Movement has given confidence to many victims to rise up above the feelings of self-blame or stigma, but many are already questioning as to why Katrina did not speak up earlier.

Bollywood superstar Arjun Rampal also voiced his opinion through a Tweet saying: “It is important to speak out against the harassment in Bollywood. Everyone has a right to speak. It is an egregious abuse of power to tell a victim on how to act!”

Currently, there is a widespread speculation whether Rampal was also harassed by his directors to act. More on this story soon.

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