Busy closely observing Indian Politics ahead of its General Election, Joe Biden mistakenly files his nomination with ‘Election Commission of India’

Big but bizarre news is coming from Washington D.C., where US President Joe Biden has mistakenly filed his nomination to contest the election with the “Election Commission of India” instead of the “Federal Election Commission” of the US. He got so lost in closely observing Indian politics that he forgot which country he was supposed to be running for!

Biden’s actions can be ignored on account of his dementia, but a spokesperson from his administration has questioned the integrity of the Indian elections following Kejriwal’s arrest and the freezing of Congress party bank accounts. The same spokesperson also called Pakistan’s election free and fair which led to the doctors believing that Biden’s dementia might be contagious and spreading within his cabinet.

The pet parrot of the US, also known as the UN (United Nations), is imitating its owner and has also expressed the same concern. The UN is so unselfishly concerned about keeping democracy and peace in other countries that it never got the time to check its own backyard and comment on Donald Trump’s arrest.

Other than the US, Germany also decided to poke its nose into India’s affairs, questioning Kejriwal’s arrest, but given that Germany has just legalized cannabis despite countless warnings by doctors and the opposition, the Indian government decided to dismiss it as an ill effect of using too much cannabis.

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