Janhvi Kapoor Breathes Same Air; Proves She’s Just Like Us

Janhvi Kapoor Breathes Same Air; Proves She's Just Like Us

Earlier today, Dhadhak fame actress, Janhvi Kapoor was spotted outside her gym in Bandra. Janhvi Kapoor while waving at her fans went inside her car and opened the window instead of turning on the AC of the car. Shocked to notice that she breathes the same air as we do a group of camera persons rushed to capture the event.
It’s an established fact that Bollywood celebrities live lives that are totally different than the lifestyle of ‘regular’ people. However, today’s incident not only broke the internet but also broke the myth that Bollywood celebrities are not like us.

As if Janhvi breathing the same air wasn’t enough, she also used her phone with her thumb like any other normal person. The star once again proved that she’s just like us.

A fan of Janhvi Kapoor who witnessed the entire incident spoke to The Fauxy. He said “This is unbelievable, I can’t believe I am breathing the same air that Janhvi does. ‘Love is in the air’ makes a whole lot of sense now”

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