iPhone XS And XS Max Would Require Your DNA Sample To Get Unlocked.

Tim Cook

According to fresh reports, later this month Apple is releasing the successors to its iPhone X which shall come loaded with advanced features and more security. With its dimensions and weight almost remaining the same, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will require the users DNA sample to get unlocked, thus making the phone’s data more secure than ever.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had announced back in August 2018 that Apple shall release three new iPhones by September this year, which shall have the strongest security possible.

“Data theft is one of the most common reasons why people buy an iPhone and that’s why we are coming up with versions having heightened security features. Earlier we thought of using blood samples to unlock the device but discarded the idea as many people receive blood from others and the only thing that makes one unique other than fingerprints and retina scan, which we have already used, is DNA” said one of the minds behind this idea.

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