iPhone User Develops Feelings For Charger After Spending Significant Time With It

“If you spend enough time even with a stone you’ll fall in love with it” this popular saying of someone has turned out to be true as an iPhone user has reportedly developed feelings for his iPhone charger after spending significant time with it.

Xui Li, 28, was talking to someone very lovingly when his girlfriend entered the room and caught him red-handed. After an altercation between the two, Xui confessed his newly developed feeling for his charger as he wouldn’t need it all the time.

Speaking to The Fauxy, Xui’s girlfriend said “I feel like I have been cheated. Now I know to whom he talks all night. It’s his damn charger. He keeps it in his shirt pocket so that it’s closer to his heart. gave him the option of choosing either me or the charger, he ran to a nearby charging point.”

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