iPhone 13 To Have rtPCR Kit And Oxygen Cylinder Attached To It

Various leaks and rumours around the iPhone 13 series have so far hinted at many elements including an attached oxygen cylinder and an rt PCR kit apart from pulse oximeter feature.

Reportedly, these new features were added to the iPhone 13 after seeing heavy demands of the same on social media and high number of people undergoing rt PCR test. Earlier Apple Watch had introduced ECG, giving immediate health report of users’ heart.

Speaking to The Fauxy, India head of Apple said “We were running out of features to add in our gadgets. Initially we thought of adding TV but the cost was coming out low and this is when we thought of all the things which people need currently and is costly too

Sources suggest that the research team of Apple is developing a feature that covers a man with PPE kit the moment his iPhone hints Positive Covid result.

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