Inspired by Ambanis, woman divorces and remarries husband again just to have a pre-wedding

Big news is coming from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, where a woman, inspired by the Ambanis and their pre-wedding celebrations, decided to divorce her husband just to marry him again—all for the sake of having a pre-wedding celebration.

The woman was adamant about matching the Ambanis‘ pre-wedding celebrations and wanted the same guest list. However, due to budget constraints, she had to invite Bollywood star duplicates and replace tech billionaires with cyber cafe and electronics shop owners from her neighborhood.

Fearing the pre-wedding will appear too fake, they decided to invite atleast one Superstar, and they Invited Orry, who demanded 25 lakhs, forcing the couple to break their FD. The bride also re-enacted Radhika Merchant’s viral “Krishna laage chai” video in Bhojpuri, as she did not know Gujarati. They even attempted to hire a PR agency to make their pre-wedding go viral, but all were booked by the Ambanis, who were promoting Anant Ambani as an animal lover.

Speaking to the Fauxy, the bride-to-be again said, “I would like to thank Mukesh Ambani for two things: first, for the pre-wedding idea, and second, for Jio, which allowed me to see their pre-wedding from my village.”

Currently, the couple is planning their second pre-wedding on a boat in Banaras, as they don’t have the budget for a cruise.

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