Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: After receiving numerous complaints about the unavailability of Mexican food, Zomato CEO marries a Mexican girl

The startup world, seen by some as a way to add “co-founders” in front of their names, while others use it as an excuse to drop out of college because they are failing anyway, is known for entrepreneurs solving conventional problems in unconventional ways. But then there is Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato who is a different breed of entrepreneur altogether.

He says “When everyone is thinking out of the box, you should think inside the box, to get ahead of the competition”. So, when users were complaining about the unavailability of Mexican food on his platform he did some of his inside-the-box thinking and took the most obvious approach: married a Mexican girl and sent her straight to the kitchen.

Recently, he used his simple-minded no-nonsense approach to solve another problem and segregated his Veg and Non-Veg fleet of delivery drivers based on color. So it becomes easier to identify and discriminate against Non-Vegetarians.

Other Entrepreneurs can take inspiration from his inside-the-box-thinking method and should use simple and obvious ways to solve complex problems. If they follow his approach, they just might be able to save the dignity of the word “Entrepreneur” which day by day is becoming synonymous with the word “Unemployed”.

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