Husband Dies After Wife’s Cheat Day Falls On Karva Chauth

Husband Dies After Wife's Cheat Day Falls On Karva Chauth

In an unfortunate coincidence, a wife had to skip her Karva Chauth fast this year since it coincided with her cheat day.

Manisha, 32, had been keeping the Karwa Chauth fast for her husband’s long life over the past four years. This year, however, she got over health-conscious after getting introduced to a five-star gym where the gym instructors got her into a strict diet with only two cheat days in a year. Unfortunately, one of her cheat days fell on the day of Karwa Chauth this time.

Manisha’s husband, Ronit was unwell from quite some time owing to liver failure. Ronit was feeling better in the morning of the Karwa Chauth day until Manisha decided to choose cheat day over fasting for her husband’s long life. As soon as Manisha opened the fridge Ronit fell from his bed and started experiencing a severe chest pain and when Manisha ate a piece of chocolate Ronit succumbed to a brain haemorrhage.

“Manisha had a severe guilt of not being able to keep a fast but then this is what cheat day is all about!” said the gym instructor who’s also Manisha’s nutritionist.

Currently, Manisha has been taken into custody by police and her DNA samples have been sent to a lab for confirmation. If tests affirm that she indeed ate on the day of Karwa Chauth, Manisha could be booked for murder.

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