Gandhis likely to nominate Rajdeep Sardesai as Congress’ next President after Gehlot declines the offer : Sources

The Congress party saw high drama on Monday as legislators close to the Ashok Gehlot camp tendered resignation to the Assembly Speaker C P Joshi amid reports of Congress central leadership leaning towards Sachin Pilot as the next chief minister of the state after Gandhis wanted Ashok Gehlot to leave Rajasthan and become Congress’ party president.

This lead to Ashok Gehlot declining the offer and continuing the Rajasthan CM. Gandhis have run out of loyal people who can Congress President.

However, the Gandhis have probably find a solution (a loyalist). If sources are to be believed, Rajdeep Sardesai is likely to be nominated as next Congress’ President. Rajdeep Sardesai will contest against Shashi Tharoor.

The decision of nominating Rajdeep Sardesai as Congress president was taken after Gandhis saw the video of Rajdeep Sardesai where he was talking about Congress Crisis and the pain in his eyes was clearly visible. Such pain was missing from Gehlot eyes when he declined the offer, neither it was there in Tharoor’s eyes.

“The announcement of Rajdeep Sardesai will happen soon after the final approval of Madam President Congress Smt Sonia Gandhi” told a senior Congress leader to The Fauxy.

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