Food blogger falls ill after he reviews sanitizer mocktail to prevent #CoronaVirus

Food is the symbol of love, when words are inadequate. How great does it feel when you have an opportunity to review different types of cuisines! Not everyone gets this opportunity. The popular food blogger with over a million followers and subscribers on Instagram and YouTube respectively, Aman Verma got an opportunity to review the newly made mocktail to protect people from the deadly corona virus.

Mocktail made up of dettol, savalon, mint, lemon grass and other ingredients was believed to cure the corona virus. However, Aman Verma who wasn’t even affected by Corona Virua decided to take one (sip) for the team and started feeling dizzy. He was then taken to a hospital where doctor told the The Fauxy that he’s having food poisoning.

Food Bloggera fraternity showed solidarity and drank home made sanitizer mocktail and reportedly all fell ill. Millions of their ardent followers aren’t fasting as they aren’t getting reviews of food they wish to eat.

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