EXPOSE: Sridevi Knew About The Rafale Deal

Sridevi Knew About The Rafale Deal

It’s been almost 10 months since Sridevi’s death, yet the circumstances of her passing remains a mystery to this day. Questions around her sudden and unnatural death still remain unanswered and according to post-mortem reports, she died owing to “accidental drowning” in a bathtub at a hotel in Dubai.

However, after 10 months of being embroiled in a mystery, the case has taken a new turn and is likely to be resolved soon. An anonymous person has moved to court, seeking answers and simultaneously citing fresh evidence that Sridevi was in fact aware of the Rafale deal and this could be one of the reasons behind her alleged murder.

Sridevi was often spotted publically with Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on multiple occasions which means that she was more inclined towards Congress and may have classified information about the Rafale deal. It is speculated that she knew about the fraud aspect in the Rafale deal, which she would’ve exposed to media or better she would be turned into a Rafale whistleblower like other Congress supporters, thus increasing difficulties for the Modi Government.

A photo that strengthens these claims is now doing rounds on social media. The photograph shows Boney Kapoor standing with RSS leader and India’s President Ramnath Kovind and BJP Leader Rajayvardhan Rathore, which further points in the direction of complicity and/or an inside involvement in her murder.

Coincidentally, Boney Kapoor, who happened to be Sridevi’s husband, was the first to know about Sridevi’s death. What further substantiated these claims is that the Kapoor family is known to have close connections with the Ambanis too.

While BJP is ‘taking care’ of whistleblowers, Congress has also tried their best in stifling voices.

“Congress is leaving no stone unturned to prove Rafale is a scam and in such a scenario, BJP must protect its people from dying. I don’t want to pass out on a bathtub, save me!” said a defence expert who’s currently in jail for mocking Rassogulla.


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