Even after one week of met gala event, actor still stuck in his met gala outfit, now identifies himself as Cat

This year Met Gala event witnessed cat costumes and a cat with Jared Leto inside it has been the show’s stopper. Jared Leto, who took over 15 hours to get inside the cat costumer is still stuck in the costume even after three days of met gala event.

Reportedly, Jared Leto no longer feels like a man and has started identifying himself as a cat. Speaking to The Fauxy, the Jared Leto inside a cat costume said “Meow, meow.. meow, meow“.

Two men who were trying to bring Jared Leto out from the cat costume, have received notice from PETA, asking not to hurt the cat.

Jared Leto has been very mean and arrogant to all of us since Met Gala, he has strated living like the owner of the house, this shows that Jared is no more human but a Cat” said Jared family members.

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