Emotional Uddhav Thackeray mistakenly touches feet of Nawazuddin at the swearing ceremony

Uddhav Thackeray took oath as the CM of Maharshtra at a grand ceremony held at Shivaji Park. He was so emotional that he touched the feet of Nawazuddin Siddique who was present at the swearing in ceremony.

Uddhav thought that Balasaheb is sitting in the crowd but actually it was Nawaz. The actor had worked so hard to play the role of Balasaheb in his biopic that he looked exactly like Balasaheb. Uddhav only realized his mistake when Sharad Pawar told him about it. This was not the only mistake which happened.

Sharad Pawar himself had hugged Vivek Oberoi somedays back in Mumbai after mistaking him as Narendra Modi. These modern actors have gone so deep into their characters that this type of mistakes will happen in the future too.

But Uddhav, who was so close to Balasaheb could have avoided this mistake as already he is under pressure from Sena fans who think that if he was close to Balasaheb he would never have joined hands with Congress.

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