Elon Musk Claims he sacked half of twitter workforce to normalise crying at workplace

On Tuesday, Sugar Cosmetics Cofounder Vineeta Singh wrote a post on her LinkedIn profile to normalise the crying at workplace, She wrote “Let’s normalise crying at workplace. It’s self expression, not a breakdown, so please don’t freak out“.  She further added “It’s just another form of communication and we don’t want to feel embarrassed about it anymore. And we generally don’t want you to get too sympathetic about it either.


Soon after her post went viral, Twitter new owner Elon Musk claimed that he has sacked half of twitter workforce only to normalise crying at workforce. Elon Musk tweeted “Crying is normal and it should be treated as another form of communication” as he announced 500 more twitter employees will be sacked later this month.


Reportedly, Elon Musk has read the LinkedIn post of Vineeta Singh. Elon Musk who wants to bring a cultural shift in Twitter said that normalising crying at workplace for men and women would be a huge cultural shift as Twitter needs to sack a lot more employees in future.

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