Ekta Kapoor to approach Sanjay Raut for a role as he keeps repeating the same lines 3-4 times

Ekta Kapoor is the queen of TV. She has redefined TV viewing for the Indian audience. But in this process, she has also presented the Indian society and family in a way that is far from reality. Remember the ‘nahi’ s and the ‘kya’s that would be said at least 3 times in various angles, because impact you know!

Sanjay Raut has become the poster boy for the same. Raut Ji has been saying the same sentence since last 4-5 days ‘ CM will be from Shiv Sena ‘.

He repeated it so many times that even Ekta is impressed with her. For her next serial which is not yet titled, Ekta wants to rope in Sanjay to create maximum impact from the show.

Sanjay has not been approached yet as he is too busy with the government formation in Maharashtra but he will soon take a call on the most important break of his life.

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