Delhi man shifts to Bangalore to avoid breathing polluted air, starts smoking after feeling homesick

Delhi air quality is topping the chart of the most polluted air in the world and the Delhi government is doing nothing significant about it. A recent report suggests that air pollution has a huge impact on all parts of the body. Toxic pollutants make their way through nose or mouth to lungs and a long term exposure to pollutants can damage blood vessels in kidney.


Hundreds of Delhi youth are relocating to other cities to avoid breathing the polluted air. A Delhi man shifted to Bangalore after reading an article – breathing Delhi air is equivalent to smoking 35 cigarettes. However, after a days in Bangalore the man started suffering from withdrawal symptoms and started smoking, which he never did before.


Speaking to The Fauxy, the man said “I started feeling homesick after breathing fresh air and living around people who aren’t abusive and don’t even fight on streets, I started smoking and on some days I would smoke even 35 cigarettes a day and this is how I overcame my homesickness“.



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