Dal Baati And Litti Chokha Lose Their Charm Due To Modi’s Ujjwala Yojana

Modi government has since the start claimed that their flagship Ujjwala scheme is one of its most successful initiatives which impacted the lives of more than 80 million people. However, to much disdain of BJP, food bloggers seem to be disappointed with the scheme.

For the food blogger community and restaurants the Ujjwala Yojana is turning out to be more of a curse than a blessing for the famous Indian delicacy Dal Baati and Litti Chokha.

“Dal Baati doesn’t taste that good anymore. It is cooked in vessels which are made up of clay which add a delicious earthy taste and smell to the food. What if several women across India were dying due to this smoke? Every good creation demands some sacrifice!” said one of the food bloggers from Pune.

A restaurant owner spoke to The Fauxy about the scheme and said that Dal Baati or Litti Chokha made in clay stove is the one skill that has been passed on generation after generation. It has been the only source of income for them since generations. Modi govt has snatched their livelihood from them!

The fate of these restaurant owners and food bloggers is an example of what happens when a capitalist government tries to improve the lives of poor without thinking of its impact on other communities like food bloggers.

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