Congress Files FIR Against PM Modi For Asking People To Vote for ‘Development’ During Code of Conduct

A day before the election in Rajasthan, Congress is doing its best to win and thus, are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that BJP leaders don’t campaign during the imposition of a code of conduct. While doing so, one of the Congress leaders took an extreme step and filed an FIR against PM Modi for a statement that appeared as he was campaigning for BJP.

PM Modi in a tweet asked people to vote in maximum numbers and choose the country’s development over anything. With the presumption that development is only and only BJP’s agenda, Congress reacted strongly against PM Modi and called out his statement for violating the code of conduct and filed an FIR.

The Congress leader says that any statement that is a potential advertisement for the party during the code of conduct is not allowed and the election commission should take strict action against the offender. Even during the imposition of code of conduct, PM Modi has repeatedly asked to vote for the country’s development which clearly means he’s asking people to vote for BJP.

Feels like Congress is not only going to lose the elections, but lose their face too. The FIR is likely to turn out as another full toss which Modi will be hitting outside the park for a six!

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