Cigarette Packet Found In The Back Pocket Of Taimur’s Shorts

Cigarette Packet Found In The Back Pocket Of Taimur's Shorts

The popularity of the star kid, Taimur is so much that paparazzi is now working like 24×7 CCTV cameras so as to not miss any of his acts. Thanks to the paparazzi, Taimur’s cuteness and antics have been captured multiple times. However, recently he has been caught doing something that has shocked the Bollywood industry and is making news headlines in several media houses.

Taimur was seen carrying a packet of cigarettes in the back pocket of his shorts. Reportedly, Mother Kareena Kapoor discovered the packet that originally belonged to Saif Ali Khan. When the paparazzi caught Taimur with the cigarette packet, they immediately informed his mother Kareena before he could even get his hands on the lighter.
This isn’t the first time when Taimur has made it to front headlines. A few days ago, Taimur sparked a prime time debate when he said “We are just good friends” upon being asked about his relationship with Shahid-Meera’s daughter, Misha.

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