BREAKING: Hotstar wins streaming rights of Anant Ambani’s wedding

Big news is coming from Mumbai, where the streaming platform Hotstar has won the streaming rights for Anant Ambani’s wedding, defeating Mukesh Ambani in an auction organized by Ambani himself.

Mukesh Ambani organized the auction to demonstrate his fairness as a businessman, offering equal opportunities to all, believing that no one would dare bid against him. However, the CEO of Hotstar, still resentful over Ambani snatching the IPL streaming rights, decided to teach him a lesson and began bidding. Ambani, who easily outbid Hotstar previously, faced a humiliating defeat this time as he was short on funds due to lavish spending on pre-wedding events. He attempted to raise funds by hiking Jio prices in the midst of the auction, but to his surprise, Jio users started porting out instead of recharging.

Speaking to Fauxy, the Hotstar CEO said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold. Ambani took away IPL rights from us, resulting in millions of lost users. Now, we will profit from the wedding; he spent millions on marketing and he himself will pay to watch his own son’s wedding. The wedding will be live streamed on 12th July, where viewers will be able comment on preparations just like angry ‘fufaji’ in any wedding.”
Currently short on funds, the Ambanis are organizing a mass wedding for the underprivileged to garner positive PR and generate some ad revenue for their son’s wedding by streaming it on Jio Cinema.

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