Boy proposes a girl with a heart-shaped balloon, US army shot it down mistaking it for spy balloon

New York: Valentine’s week has begun and today people are celebrating Propose Day. Many people propose to their significant others or declare their love for them today. However, in a bizarre turn of events, the propose day becomes the most horrific day for a couple.


Reportedly, a man proposed his long time crush with a heart shaped balloon filled with hydrogen gas. The lady was about to respond to the crush when the heart-shaped balloon blasted. The lady slapped the man and went away.


Later it was learned that the balloon was spotted by the US army who mistook the balloon for Chinese spy balloon and shot it down by firing over 1000 bullets. Fortunately, none of the bullets caused any harm to anyone except to the couple.


The US army has accused the man of violating American sovereignty and international law. Man, on the other hand, has said that by shooting down its balloon, the US has violated the law of celebrating valentine week  and warned that he reserves its right to take appropriate action in response.

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