Bombs refuse to blast after seeing “All Eyes On Rafah” stories

In every major global event , whether it’s an earthquake, a tsunami, or a war, people always choose the hardest possible way to show their solidarity—by posting about it on social media. Mostly, this achieves nothing except giving the poster a sense of usefulness and moral superiority among their friends. However, in the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict, it has actually worked.

After Israel decided to invade Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip, people began protesting against it by posting the quote “All Eyes On Rafah” on their social media stories. Israeli smart bombs, which are connected to AI and the internet for accuracy, refused to detonate after seeing these stories.

Sources suggest that the bombs experienced performance anxiety after having so many eyes on them. However, talking to The Fauxy, an expert disagreed and said, “In our efforts to make AI resemble humans, we might have unknowingly coded the need to seek validation from social media. Now, the bombs are also seeking validation by not blasting.”

Currently Palestine supporters are encouraging even more people to post “All Eyes On Rafah” on their stories to weaken the high-tech Israeli army while strengthening Hamas, which still uses primitive technology. In response, Israeli supporters have also started posting “Go Bomb Go” to rebuild the bomb’s confidence by giving it validation.

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