Average IQ of Twitter India surges after Swara Bhaskar deactivates her account.

Controversy has become second nature to wannabe actress Swara Bhaskar, who has made the headlines and yet again due to Twitter. The supporting-actress has now deactivated her Twitter account owing to being trolled relentlessly after she tried to defend liberals, who were called fanatics by the Sadhguru Ji, the Yogi, and Mystique, in a show “In Conversation with the Mystique” hosted by successful actress Kangana Ranaut.
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Recently Swara had garnered a lot of attention in the liberal-coterie, following her notorious tweets on the renowned social media app, Twitter. While her fans ( all three of them) are missing her terribly on Twitter, the recent Twitter reports are not very encouraging for her.

Twitter India published a report that suggests that the Average IQ Level of Twitter India has shot up considerably after Swara Bhaskar deactivated her account and left for Switzerland. Some people are debating that the effects can be felt not only on the social media platform but also in the country in general, where private surveys revealed that the National Average IQ Level has also dramatically soared.

Swara Bhaskar was infamous for voicing her opinion on Twitter and after she deactivated her handle, her opinions are no more available in the social media, thus restoring the lost balance in the universe.

While Swara is on her escapade to Switzerland, rumor mills are churning at full pace. It was brought to light that another reason for Swara to run away might have to do with a lawsuit that was filed against her for abusing the Indian Army and calling them “a-holes.”

We reached out to one of her three fans, who suggested that Swara might have gone out of the country to get treatment for ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’, a medical condition which stems from the excessive use of one’s hand/wrist. The root cause of her condition is currently unknown, but rumor has it that the causes of her ailment oscillate between holding placards unnecessarily and indulging too much in another activity which people have popularly come to refer to as ‘path-breaking’.

The side role artist turned activist, Swara is currently holidaying in Switzerland while the people of Kerala are struggling for their lives. She often gets rattled if someone asks her to do something constructive for the nation instead of just pointing out the problems. She proudly calls herself an “army brat”, but as we know, actions speak louder than words. Allegedly, as far as Swara is concerned, currently there’s no action from her (or for her) in India.

When the country is in trouble and needs influencers like Swara Bhaskar to step up, they’re often found holidaying abroad. Congress President Rahul Gandhi was also reported partying just a few days after India witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks ever.

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