Athletes Deliberately Underperformed During UPA’s Rule

India crossed its highest ever medal tally of 14 gold medals from the 2010 Asian Games by winning 15 Gold medals in the current Asian Games 2018, thus keeping the public’s hopes high for the upcoming Olympic Games. Athletes are now dedicating their best ever performances as a tribute to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, who passed away a few days back. Many athletes stated that it was the NDA Government’s encouragement and focus towards them that made it all possible.

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore explained that the Asian Games’ success wasn’t achieved overnight and that it’s rather a “generational shift.” The future shall hail this as a turning point in India’s effort to be a sporting powerhouse.

While PM Modi and other BJP ministers are continuously encouraging and congratulating all the athletes on various social media platforms, the opposition hasn’t even wished a single athlete so far. The opposition holds the belief that it is solely the athletes’ performances which could get India so many medals and refused to give any credit to NDA government.

This implies that the Congress Party strongly holds the belief that athletes deliberately underperformed during UPA rule. A Congress leader further unveiled the hidden election gimmick behind the wins, highlighting that it was no coincidence that India was suddenly winning accolades and that it was a pre-planned conspiracy so as to get votes while we’re running up towards the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019.

Athletes Deliberately Underperformed During UPA's Rule

An article from The Liar also described how winning gold medals should not be the priority of the Modi led government, and they should concentrate on Twitter trolls instead. A proclaimed Twitter-economist also claimed that Gold medals were of no use to the country especially because gold can be bought easily at cheaper rates in India. Another sports analyst remarked that India won only due to lesser competition as some of the best athletes from USA, Russia, China were absent this time.

If sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi is likely to demand a CBI investigation to find any possible nexus between the Athletes and the BJP ministers.

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Athletes Deliberately Underperformed During UPA's Rule

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Athletes Deliberately Underperformed During UPA's Rule

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