All the 12 Female Contestants Nominate Themselves for Eviction After Me Too Accused Sajid Khan Enters Bigg Boss 16

With ‘Me Too’ accused Sajid Khan as one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 16, netizens are revolting right, left and centre. In a new trend, they have expressed how they want the makers to ‘Remove Sajid Khan’ from the show and how he shouldn’t be given a platform to clear his image. Even celebs like Mandana Karimi, Sona Mohapatra and Urfi Javed have spoken up against the filmmaker’s participation.


The makers still went ahead with Sajid Khan expecting high TRP only to get disappointed as all the 12 female contestants nominated themselves for eviction in the same episode where Sajid Khan entered the house. Reportedly, all the female contestants initially asked the Bigg Boss to not allow the ‘Me Too’ accused Sajid Khan or shift them to other house, and later decided to quit the show when Bigg Boss didn’t listen.


While Sajid Khan intends to use Bigg Boss to clean his dirty image but the contestants were worried that he will rather tarnish their image. If Bigg Boss accepts the nomination of all the female contestants then Bigg Boss 16 will have only 4 Contestants including Sajid Khan.

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