Ajith fan washes hands with dettol after shaking hands with Actor Vijay by mistake

The south movie industry has seen war between fans of superstars as fans have always stayed loyal to their stars. But recently what Ajith fans did was the peak of it. Actor Vijay who was trolled on social media for washing his hands after shaking hands with a fan had to taste his own medicine.

Ajith fan who had recently shaken hands with Vijay washed his hand to remove all bacteria. But as soon as he came to know that dettol kills only 99.9% bacterias, he sued the company and asked how will he kill the remaining bacteria. Ajith fan Aman Srivastava is very angry with actor Vijay as due to him he has to suffer bacterial infection.

Vijay has apologized the fan and offered him tickets for his next movie. Ajith meanwhile wants his fans to not go for the Vijay movie and instead he will offer them 5 lakh Rupees.

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