AAP Promises Home Delivery Of Drugs In Punjab If Comes To Power

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Bhagwant Mann on Sunday said his party, if voted to power in Punjab during the 2022 Assembly elections, will bring Delhi Model in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann talked about free electricity and water. He  also talked about how the AAP govt in Delhi is ensuring home delivery of liquor amidst the lockdown. 

In his poll promises, Bhagwant Mann said that under the able leadership of Arvind Kejriwal we will permit home delivery of drugs, including cocaine, heroine, LSD through mobile app and online web portal. 

Sources say that the AAP party is coming up with home delivery schemes in various states as per the needs of the people of those states. In Madhya Pradesh, the party is likely to announce free home delivery of Poha and Jalebi, whereas in Kashmir, once it becomes a state, the party will provide free delivery of stones.

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