34 US Companies likely to get shut down as they struggle to find Indian Origin CEOs

Neal Mohan has become the latest person to join the list of Indian-origin CEOs globally. The development comes after Susan Wojcicki has stepped down as the CEO of the video-streaming platform YouTube. Google is being led by Sundar Pichai while Microsoft and IBM are led by Satya Nadella and Arvind Krishna who are also Indians. A long list Indian origin CEOs heading global MNCs has been doing rounds on social media.


Reportedly, US companies are not only preferring but choosing only Indian origin CEOs and this had led to massive short fall of Indian Origin CEOs in United States. US running short of Indian Origin CEOs has led to more than 34 companies shutting down in next one month.


Speaking to The Fauxy Business, a US tech-giant’s board of director said “We only want Indian origin CEO, if we can’t get one we are firing all the employees, because we can’t afford both, the employees and a non-Indian origin CEO, we will have to shut our shops“.


Another company’s director said “We failed to get an Indian-origin CEO and once we made our office boy the CEO since he’s an Indian origin but after India introduced CAA, he also went back. Unfortunately, we are shutting down“.






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