10 Journalists report chest pain after #ChristianMichel’s arrest

New Delhi: On Tuesday, CBI under the guidance of National Security Advisor Mr Ajit Doval, carried out operation code-named Unicorn and extradited Christian Michal James, the alleged middleman in the August Westland Scam, a 3600 crore VVIP chopper scam under UPA’s rule in India.

Christian Michel’s judicial custody is giving a tough time to not only the UPA leaders but also to various prominent journalists who were hand in glove during the scam. It is alleged that Michel paid a whopping $5 million in order to manage the Indian journalists.

Michel is expected to spill the beans and initial interrogation suggests that UPA former chairperson, Mrs Sonia Gandhi allegedly got enormous kick backs through the deal. Soon after Michel’s arrest as many as ten journalists reported sudden chest pain and were admitted to top hospitals.

One of the journalists, who is famous for his signature style dialogue aka “Kaun Jaat,” was seen carrying a big size stone on his chest in order to create a temporary chest pain.

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